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Construction Surety Expertise


The Bond Exchange executive team has more than 75 years of combined construction surety expertise. We have worked with contractors across the entire industry spectrum including general contractors, general engineering firms, subcontractors and suppliers. We are appointed with over 25 surety bond providers which allows us to deliver the best solutions regardless of the size company we are representing. Our team's experience is vast, ranging from startup contractors looking to establish their first surety program up to large construction companies requiring millions, and in some cases, billions of dollars in surety capacity.

specialized services for contractors

Surety Program Review

The Bond Exchange is happy to evaluate your existing surety program and provide recommendations on ways to enhance your existing facility. If you are looking for more capacity that will allow you to bid additional work, a lower rate to improve your competitiveness during bid time or improved indemnity terms, we have the expertise to ensure that you are provided the most competitive program in the marketplace.

Emerging Contractor

Whether you are an established contractor who needs the occasional bond or a startup construction company that needs surety credit to support the growth of your business, The Bond Exchange has access to multiple small contractor bond programs that simplify the submission and underwriting process and allow for quick issuance of bonds. 


One of the biggest risks a general contractor faces is the potential default of a subcontractor. While many general contractors have long standing relationships with their subcontractors, understanding the risk of financial default that a subcontractor poses should be thoroughly evaluated and understood. The Bond Exchange team has worked with general contractors and project owners to implement prequalification services that enable better decision making during the subcontracting process.

Strategic Advice

The Bond Exchange has an extensive network of CPAs, attorneys and bankers who work exclusively with contractors to support their businesses. Our expertise and relationships will ensure that you not only obtain the surety capacity necessary to support your business today, but also build a foundation that will support the long term goals of your company.



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